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Brand creation

Our history with DUKA goes back to 2009, when this Swedish brand was only starting to spread its wings in Poland. Our first project for DUKA was developing a concept for creating a community of fine design enthusiasts around the brand. This is how the word-of-mouth campaign “Edukator Stylu” (“Style Educator”), continued until 2013, was made. Over the following years, the scope of our cooperation broadened, until eventually we became this kitchen and dining room product brand’s full-time marketing agency.

360° service

We were responsible for strategic communications and ATL campaigns introducing new collections. Among our tasks were also: design work for products and packaging, organising and managing commercial photoshoots, preparing BTL materials, public relations including media relations and organising press conferences, managing the brand’s cooperation with shopping centers as well as other non-standard activity.

We supported DUKA with new store openings in Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Great Britain.

We were the ones to develop the “Kitchen Life” concept, which became DUKA’s brand claim.

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