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Stains will not rest easy.
And you? Yes, please!

Launching a new product

We were responsible for developing a creative strategy and concept introducing a new line of upholstery cleaning and waterproofing products to the market. We prepared key visuals for individual products and POS materials, including custom-made display stand designs. Among our tasks were also launching social media communication and developing image and performance guidelines regarding its management. We further managed the brand’s social media during its first year on the market.

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Our communication stressed that traces of use on one’s sofa, armchair or bed – and sometimes even stains – are normal and that fabric waterproofing and cleaning products can prevent stains and effectively clean upholstery. No PFCs. We emphasized that this is a better choice than purchasing a sofa advertised as stain resistant, which is likely to have been produced with the use of PFCs. PFCs are hazardous for the health of humans and animals. They are also released into the Earth’s atmosphere and are one of the causes of the global warming.

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